Friday, 19 June 2015

Well no going back now!!!!!!

Well here we are less than 24 hours before the big walk I can do no more I have have my last sport physio massage by the amazing Rachel croft at port Erin who I will also see after the event next week and think I will need it but for now I'm feeling sick, nervous, anxious, excited so many emotions right now.
When I look back over the last 2 years of my amazing journey I sit and think to myself I would not even have ever thought that in the year 2015 I would be taking part in a amazing walking event as the parish walk it's something that you always say "I would love to do that one year" well finally this is my year!
I still actually can't believe I'm going to do this and I don't think I will till I'm stood at the start line with 1500 other people competing for the same thing. On paper I have a great chance of getting to peel as I have put the training in week after week no matter what the weather I have got fitter and stronger with my training at Pressfit however that all means nothing if your mentally not in the right place! I need to truly believe I can do this and I will do this however I am also sensible enough to know that if my body is telling me it's had enough then I need to listen! No matter how far I get I will be proud of what I have achieved and also what I a have gained I have gained a love of walking and competing in competions its amazing the people you meet and the support you get for strangers I would truly recommend anyone to start taking up exercise/ sport no matter what it is as it opens a whole new world of opportunities and to feel fitter healthier stronger nothing beats a feeling like that!
Well I have my mum as my support car tomorrow and I'm glad as she also has done the parish so has a understanding of it and what is involved and to have her support means the world to me I have my food all sorted after listening to previous walkers and getting advice on what is best to eat and of course Jane and marks input I have also have my first aid kit and spare clothes so I'm good to go.
I would like to thank everyone that has had a helping hand in this whole process and that there has been lots of great advice on the parish walk website and it's an amazingly run event.
Well there is no more for me to do but thank my amazing mum family and friends for all your support, patience and love  over the last 6 months when I started my training for this and of course not forgetting Jane and Mark Preston at PRESSFIT in Castletown who have got me to where I am today they have been my rock having to listen to me moan and groan laugh and cry but they never gave up on me and continued to push me to my best abilities so thank you xx
I feel very honoured to have even been asked to write this blog and thank you all for reading and sharing my journey I hope I have changed some people's thinking that next year they too will compete in the parish walk and experience the amazing journey I have been on!
I will write my last blog after the event so take care and chat again soon xx

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