Wednesday, 17 December 2014

When times get hard!

Hey guys and girls I am sorry I have not been blogging much but unfortunately we have received some very sad family news recently so things have been hard and it's not going to get easier!

However since my last blog I have continued with my regular training after taking with Mark at PressFit we decided that we would get christmas and new year out of the way and then sit down and but a training programme together for the parish whilst getting ideas from past parish walkers so be warned I will be asking lots of questions! Lol
I also need to be looking at getting some new trainers which after chatting to a few people the best place to go is up and running in Douglas so I really need to do this sooner rather than later to wear the trainers in so this is a must after new year well that's if Santa doesn't bring me any!
I have to say after competing in the Sid quirk half marathon I have learnt a lot as I suffered bad with my feet and was unwell for couple days after and this I have put down to not drinking enough water while on the walk and my trainers I had tied too tight but it is all a learning curb and as I am a novice at this I can only grow with training, knowledge and guidance.
My training since the marathon has been my usual 4 days a week with Mark and Jane at PressFit who have been great fitting me in around my job at the post office as it so busy this time of year but as normal they understand this and have been amazing. I have also been out lots walking with my dog steel which I have been trying to squeeze in around work generally walking 5-6 miles before work just to keep the legs going it's so very hectic but after new year it will be much easier.
Well I would like to wish you all a very happy christmas and a happy new year xx

Saturday, 29 November 2014

I thought I would show you a before and after picture as you can see in my before picture I was so big I couldn't even fit in the photo! x
Well here it goes my very first blog so I apologise now if it's not up to scratch! Lol 
I suppose I better introduce myself and tell you why I am here, my name is Sharon Sloan-O'keeffe I live in Colby, I'm 37, happily married but sadly no children. 
This is my journey.................14 months ago I weighed a whopping 25 stone however I am writing this today 10 1/2 stone lighter at 14st 7lbs something I never thought possible. 14 months ago I decided it was time to do something about my weight after being let down by the NHS after waiting 6 years for a gastric band and no support it was going to be another 2 years before I was to have the operation and with this wait my biological clock was ticking! I have always wanted children but sadly this was not possible with the weight that I was and also having PCOS syndrome I was told having children was very unlikely. So I decided that the only person going to help me was ME so I started on a diet called the ActiDiet which was amazing but I didn't do the diet like your suppose to I made this diet work for my life style and not the other way round. So as I embark on this diet I am suddenly losing weight I had dropped my calorie intake dramatically to something more balanced and after a few months I had lost 4 stone I suddenly had confidence something I lacked before not that you would think it as I was always the life and the soul a very good act I was playing as really I wasn't like that deep down but I would never tell anyone that just keep smiling I would say to myself! So with this hit off confidence I joined a Zumba class in colby with Sherrie as I love to dance and she made me feel so welcome people of all shapes and sizes was great, I then also started aqua aerobics and before long I had lost 6 stone then my amazing journey really started I decided I needed to do more and I knew about a fitness gym in Castletown called Press-Fit which is run by a husband and wife team Mark and Jane Preston, Mark I already knew from years back so I sent them a message saying what I had achieved so far and could they help and of course they could......I went and seen jane and she was amazing she showed me such kindness and support really made me feel like I was worth something again they did a programme for me got me off the diet gave me help and advise in clean healthy eating and I was loving it and I really couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement from them. I am now fitter than I ever thought possible I still have a long way to go but I will get there with Jane and Mark helping me all the way. I now train 4 times a week with them doing 2 circuit training sessions, a weight training session and a boxing session they have helped me tone my body and I have muscles in places I never thought possible! I also have a dog which I walk...a lot! Lol so this is where my parish walk comes into play Mark and Jane encouraged and help me train for the syd quirk half marathon on Sunday 23 November which I finished in a time of 3 hours 9 minutes and I was delighted never would I have thought this time last year I would be doing this but I am! So they then set me my next challenge the parish walk which I have always talked about but never thought I could do it but I know anything is possible so my challenge is to walk to Peel in my very first parish walk yes I am very nervous even slightly scared but with the help from Mark and Jane at Press-Fit and the support I get off my husband, family and friends especially my mum who has been my rock as she once did the parish and the London marathon So knows what I will go through I know I will complete this and make everyone proud. Well thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I will keep you posted with how my training is going both the ups and downs xx