Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Nearly time to stop the talking and do the walking!! Eeekkkkkkkkkkk!

Well the time is nearly upon us! I can't believe how quick it has come around from talking about it to mark and Jane at pressfit at Christmas time to it being in 10 days!
I have to say it really has been one the best decisions I ever made as it has really helped me focus on my training and the walking I have been doing my long walking nearly every Sunday apart from maybe 3/4 times when I've either been ill or had a hangover! (Tut tut Sharon) but to be honest if I haven't been able to do my long walk on a Sunday I have made up for it and done it through the week I personally think that if you have committed yourself to something then you give it 110% or you might as well not bother it has been great for me and my dog as I have taken steel on every walk some might disagree with this as I don't get a proper walking rhythm! but as long as I'm out pounding the streets then I'm getting the miles in my legs! I could not leave my boy at home as would feel too guilty as there is no-one else to walk him and if I could I would bring him on the parish walk with me lol I have been doing lots of fast little walks but I really do enjoy the long walks just me my boy and my music even on the days when I really can't be bothered I feel so much better for getting out and doing some good.
I have also been for my very first sports physio massage and it was amazing! I went to see a lady called Rachel Croft who is based at rushed football club and is also the physio for the Isle of Man ladies football team I was very nervous and scared if I'm honest as I have some body issues regarding my loose skin but she made me feel so comfortable with her friendly aurora it was to last 1 1/2 hours and was £35 for a full body massage and it was amazing don't get me wrong some points were sore but I felt great for it afterwards and will continue to see Rachel in the future she is also doing a special package for parish walkers so get in touch her number is 465738 you will amazing yourself with what magic she does!
Well tomorrow is the 10 June so will be my last long walk before the big day and after that will do some running and short walks then slow it down towards the end of next week to make sure I'm rested enough.
Well will leave it there for now but will write my last before the walk blog next week
So chat then guys
Take care Sharon xx