Thursday, 9 July 2015

It was absolutely AMAZING!!!!

Well as they say all good things must come to an end But my god what a journey it has been!

Firstly Im very proud to say that I managed to complete my parish walk by getting to peel in 9 hours and it was amazing.

I can honestly say it was one of the most nerve wrecking things I have done so far if I'm totally honest a couple of days before the actual walk itself I started doubting myself that I could do this as the journey seemed impossible even with all my training I still doubted I could do it but I really didn't need to worry as on the actual day once you get to the NSC the atmosphere is absolutely amazing and you forget about your nerves as you are to busy taking every moment in then when that gun fires to start the race your heart is beating so fast with adrenaline and excitement you forget every negative doubt you had and live for that moment! People have told me in the past about the excitement of the walk the support the buzz of it all but until you enter and take part you will truly never know how amazing it is!
The parish walk is something I will treasure forever I know that probably sounds dramatic but it really is something I will look back on and say I did it and I bloody loved every minute of it and if I'm honest I smiled and laughed all the way round the more you enjoy the more you forget about how far you have to walk and to be honest I walked with a friend Emma bowers and Would totally recommend anyone doing it for first time to walk with someone as we chatted all the way round and you forget how far you have walked and you can help encourage each other I passed a lot of people on there own and they were struggling and with a few nice good words you seen a smile and a spring in there step and at times when your feeling tired crap and low that's all you need just a smile and a kind word of encouragement.
Well the day itself the weather was crap we had rain for about 3 hours but you know I didn't care as I was loving what I was doing we had decided earlier in the morning that once we had clocked in at rushen that we would stop for a quick break, get changed out of our wet clothes as by the is time the sun had come out and it was hot! We also took this time to refuel our bodies by having something to eat ready to tackle the sloc so once our break was over maybe about 10-15 mins we did the sloc and it honestly wasn't a bother! We took it easy up the sloc and once down the other side we picked up our speed and was flying and we managed to stay at a good strong steady pace all the way to peel.
Well what can I say about getting to peel it was amazing to see that finish line I went through ever emotion I could possibly think off! But crossing that finish line with Emma was amazing we crossed it with family and friends cheering and watching on feeling very proud and even strangers cheering you past that line and then it happened the tears arrived and emotions started to flow I feel so proud to have just walked to peel in the parish walk something I never thought would ever happen but it did and the medal I will treasure forever as my own personal journey got me to that point in my life where I knew I had made it!
To anyone reading this if you have and doubt about doing the parish walk DONT it is amazing and anyone is capable of doing so whether you walk to santon, rushen, peel it doesn't matter it's for the shear fact that you even tried that is an achievement in itself. I would personnaly recommend that you do need to train for it get proper fitted footwear and eat a proper balanced diet as all these factors do play apart in this experience.
I would like to take This opportunity to say an amazing thank you to the people on the island as without you all this event would not be what it is today people were truly amazing with there support there kindness letting you into there homes to go to the toilet cooking food for strangers supplying water sweets sun cream face wipes the list is endless so from me thank you so much I never expected it to be so heart felt from strangers!
I would also like to thank Murray lambden for asking me to write this blog I am truly honoured that you asked and hope I have helped people to take part in this amazing walk and to the people who work tirelessly to make this event happen I thank you also.
But lastly I need to thank my husband Derek family and friends And my mum Lynda brew for your support throughout this journey she was also my support car with my friend Tina hindle and they to really did help us through our walk with there support love back chat and cheek! Aimee Ronan for ,helping me train and next year you will be doing it with me so no getting injured this time! And not forgetting the 2 amazing people who have helped me be the person I am today they are my rock and without them I would still be that lazy bugger sat on the couch talking the talk but never doing anything about it and that is Jane and Mark Preston who run PRESSFIT gym in Castletown they have worked with me to build my strength stamina mobility and totally changed my thinking around food and fueling your body. when I look back to 2 years ago I never thought I would be here 13 stone lighter loving my new fitness lifestyle and being able to say I walked the parish walk and you know what this is just the beginning of amazing things to come!
Also thank you to each and every person that sponsored me and helped raise money for the amazing charity that is Wish upon a dream.
Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my journey sending much love out to you all
Take care and once again thank you
Sharon xxxxxxxxx

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