Wednesday, 13 May 2015

New trainers are amazing!

Hi guys and girls

Firstly I need to apologise for taking so long in writing my next blog, I don't really have an excuse apart from being slack......just being honest xx

Well the new trainers are amazing I bought a pair of brooks and I really didn't realise the difference a proper fitted pair of trainers make I know that sounds stupid and even how to lace them and tying them the proper way so your feet don't slip and ever wondered what the extra hole was for on the very top hole of your trainers well google it and find out as what a difference it makes! 

Training has been going well I have to say I have even started running not far and not fast more like a slow jog and I can't believe how much I actually like running after months of moaning to mark and Jane at pressfit about how much I hate running and would moan and tut when they would make me do it lol but my longest so far is about 4-5 miles but I do stop a couple times to nearly die lol

The walking is going well I still do my little short faster walks through the week with my dog obviously and my long walk on a Sunday but Sunday has been a bit lonely as my friend Aimee who was walking with me has picked up a injury and also it means she now can't do the parish walk!...bad times so it's just been me and my boy on a Sunday but I'm happy walking on my own listening to the music and probably talking crap to the dog who I'm sure is thinking is this walk ever going to finish! Lol 
I also competed in a charity walk on Sunday called the harbour2harbour was a lovely 10 mile walk from port Erin to port St Mary and finishing at Castletown but didn't take the dog this time as I wanted to try up my pace and keep it steady rather than stop start like I do When I have steel with me and was great as I even got to walk with the famous Robbie callister haha who was very encouraging helping people and chatting along the walk it's nice to see the pros in action lol However for all of the race I walked with a girl from pressfit called Rachel charker and she was brilliant to walk with really kept me at a good steady pace and I even think I have persuaded her to sign up for the parish and she is going to walk with me which is great as she really will help and encourage me through the laughter and the tears I'm sure. 

Well will leave it there for now as I have circuit training soon as I am still doing my training at pressfit 5 days a week as well as the walking and running helps keep me fit and healthy something we should all strive to be! 

Well will write again soon will stop being such a lazy arse and get fingers to iPad and write to keep you updated

Take care guys 
Sharon xx 

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  1. Good work Sharon enjoying the blog! Not long to go....