Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bad things happen but the journey must continue 💕

Hi guys
I know it has been along time since I last write my blog but unfortunately me and my family had have a terrible time as my nan passed away to cancer over Xmas and we only had a couple weeks notice then sadly a man who was like a brother to me passed away also over Xmas in a car accident so it's been a tough couple of months! So I am really sorry that it's been so long since I last wrote.

Well over Xmas I did go off track a little I found it really hard to get myself back to "normal" what ever that is but with the amazing support from Mark and Jane at PressFit who could see I was struggling They helped me find the light again!

So I have been very busy with my indoor training doing 5 days a week now but unfortunately I have not been doing as much walking as I would like during the week maybe just a hour a day as the weather has been terrible and I wasn't well for a couple weeks but I have been going out for long Sunday walks with my friend aimee doing between 12 and 15 miles we even challenged the sloc which to be honest I found great however we had only walked about 4 miles before not like on the day! Lol but it was good to try the challenge of it to see how it felt however Sunday just gone was the hardest walk yet with lots of Steep hills very steep hills lol worst was we had to battle in the wind, rain, snow sunshine I actually think we walked in all elements of the weather that day 😨 but as they say you have to walk in all weathers so I reckon I have now 😃.

I have also been busy meeting with Lesley Turnbull from the charity Wiah Upon A Dream for whom I am raising money for as the charity is amazing it aims to make the dreams and wishes of terminally ill children Come true so please if you would like to donate I can be found on facebook "sharon sloan-okeeffe" and donate anything you can as this charity touched my heart and in talking to Lesley she is a truly amazing women for the hard work and effort she makes and does not ask for a penny in return if only there was more people like her in the world! 💖

Also this weekend I went to see Chris at up and running in Douglas to buy some new trainers for the parish and what a true gent so professional I was in there 1 1/2 hours and learnt so much in this time with his amazing advice and knowledge and it very high tec buying trainers in there he makes you walk on a treadmill to see how you walk and decide which trainers would be best suited to you but he also sells amazing clothing, food he has everything you could possibly want! I would defiantly recommend anyone to go to up and running as they were so friendly which I also found helped when you haven't got a clue like me! Lol

Well guys I will leave it there for now but I promise and I mean promise I will write more now I'm sorted so to speak oh and I will let you know how the new runners are going.

Love and best wishes
Sharon xx

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